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Aika’s Airi Suzumura [鈴村あいり] Top 10 List

by Aika Schmitz
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Hello and welcome JAV lovers.  I am so grateful to present Airi Suzumura.  My number one spot here is one of my go-to’s in general.  Some faces really stand out and this is definitely the case.  Airi debuted in 2013 and is still producing films!  Thank you, Airi for pleasing your fans for almost a decade.  In this entry, I’ll include a wide range of titles that I personally couldn’t love more.  These titles will range from her earliest work to very recent ones.   Not necessarily all in perfect order, however.  I typically write them in order of how in love I am with them.  This process is dependent on a variety of factors and is time-consuming!  Perhaps I overanalyze it at times.  I promise you that I take many hours and days


10.  ABP-016 Airi Suzumura Will provide you with special service, the latest in esthetic treatments thats sure to get you hooked

Released in 2013, I believe this is a perfect title to begin with. Who doesn’t love this series?  “Esthetic” is right.  Airi has the face of an angel no doubt.  Now with these, you are certainly not going to get the roughest sex.  However of course that’s not the point.  I watch this for a decent amount of outfits and POV for the most part.  Actually, the outfits themselves deserve a mention here.  They are next level.  Visually stimulating material and high quality.  I am sure we all have seen releases like this. 

The beauty is servicing the lucky guy in foreplay which always leads to multiple positions.  I have to point out how damn good she looks in bunny ears.  She looks fantastic in pink as well to be completely obvious (more on that later).  Also, a good one for oil play but that personally is extremely boring to me.  Straightforward release and thank goodness it is.  What you see on the cover is what you get.  Possibly the most vanilla title here and there’s nothing wrong with that. 


9.  ABP-176 Prestige summer festival 2014, gushing wet on an island, intense orgasmic costume play 4 sex!

I present the most aesthetic piece on the list.  I can’t say enough good things about this.  For the most part, I yawn when it comes to beachside-type releases in JAV.  Not this time my friends.  There are many overhead shots of Airi riding her bike out in a field.  It’s like watching a romantic movie.  Some of the moments here alone are absolutely stunning.  Airi is gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking.  The sex goes hard all throughout, in a variety of places along a beach.  She’s soaked and gets it in every position.  The most unique setting is the final scene where she’s going to work on a floating raft out in the water.  It’s not inflatable, unfortunately, it’s something I haven’t seen before.  It looks very hard, and I wonder how it ever stays afloat. 

Finally, at the very end of the movie, there is a long segment that shows behind-the-scenes filming of the title. Why they did this, I have no idea.  Whenever this is present in a title, I can’t help myself and have to watch it.  It’s very interesting to see!  There’s one moment where she looks insanely cute while waiting for the makeup artist to come to fix something on her face.  She is all smiles behind the scenes. I might be very naive but Airi looks very nice!  She looks adorable and I think you should see this one to see that side of her.  My only disappointment here was that was there no actual sex happening in the field.  I would have loved to see her in action in the wet grass, in a field on a cloudy day. 


8.  ABP-197 We’re going to catch out exclusive actress off guard to bang her until she cums!

Please allow me to rave about three moments in this feature that do it for me every time.  Airi is tied down to a couch while wearing pink again and looking cute as ever.  Airi gets vibrator play and takes load after load on her perfect face.  After they wipe her face briefly and leave a vibrator strapped to her.  Next, a delivery person comes in and puts a package next to her.  He goes to put a receipt-looking paper next to her.  Meanwhile, she is moaning and moaning.  I wish they had left all the cum on her face during this.  I really believe this was real.  She laughs a couple of times but the buzzing continues so we see her smile turn back to a pleasure face each time. 

The next scene is a blowjob in a parking lot.  This is not new, I know.  It’s special because it’s Airi, she simply looks great and is very distracted by an egg vibrator in her panties.  What’s better than watching a sexy JAV woman give a blowjob and get pleasured electronically at the same time?  In the end the lucky guy says thank you which makes her laugh.  It’s so freaking cute!  The last scene I want to rave about is Airi’s naughty behavior when she is on the phone.  She gets her pussy licked and sucks cock while trying to have a conversation?  Overall the acts mainly revolve around a series of quickies.  The sex faces in this release are just awesome to say the least.


7. ABP-937 Creampie her as much as you please 3, passion on bare display during 4 back to back rounds of nakadashi!

This title satisfies my thirst for bondage.  In this title, you get to see Airi entertain us with plastic wrap, a ballgag, and multiple sex toys for example.  Airi is seen here in pink and looks fantastic with bounds hands.  No big surprise there.  Of course, I am most drawn towards certain bondage that I am seeing everywhere in JAV these days.  Airi’s legs are bent and individually wrapped with plastic wrap.  Here in the states, we call it “cling” wrap!  She also is sporting a red ballgag and some kind of vibrator-looking device on each tit.  This makes me happy to see it!  The guy puts a vibrator that has the clit extension, but the interesting this is that it is inserted upside down!  I don’t think I have ever seen this before, with the external part on her ass.  It’s wild-looking and kinky.  This title has squirting, group sex, many sex toys, oil play, whatever your pleasure is (it seems to be included).


6.  ABW-052 Slutty working woman Vol.13

This release is a newer one, February 2021.  Airi is ridiculously hot and won’t quit!  The unique element here is that the costumes are actually creative and not just the same ones you see over and over.  Having that said there are of course the usual classics like the office lady worker or the esthetician.  I want to focus on two role play cosplay as well.  I want to use the words “cosplay” and “role play” because it’s not just one or the other.  Meaning it’s not just some cheap customs worn in a hotel room, which can get boring as ever.  We are talking about high-quality convincing outfits (uniforms really) that also include the appropriate setting.  This is big in JAV and I am always extremely thankful.  The first is a driver education instructor.  She looks 100% believable in all her outfits but this one especially.  She has her prop clipboard working for her and everything.  There is even some heel foot play in the beginning. 

The downside was there wasn’t enough boning.  Also, the windows were papered up.  I would have loved to have seen through the windows to see the car parked in some empty parking lot or course for more realism.  The second outfit is supposed to be that of a car mechanic.  To my recollection, I have only seen this one other time, which is KAWD-245.  Ayaka Tomoda is in a garage all greasy wearing a cap and gives an insane blowjob.  Airi’s scene is very detailed.  I strongly recommend checking this out if you have interest or fantasy whatsoever in hot mechanic women.  Set in a garage, of course, Airi looks the part here, using all the props properly.  She checks the dipsticks and bends all over the place.  There are even actors in the background!  Everything leads up to great sex and is a hell of a payoff as there are tons of positions and places being utilized here. 


5.  ABP-149 My girlfriend’s older sister temptation

I have always been a sucker for story-based.  Watching this title is like watching a mini-movie.  There’s plenty of sneaking around happening and it’s cute as hell.  Really, it’s sexy as hell but you can’t discount cuteness.  After the lucky guy gets it on, they meet each other at the convenience store he works at.  She walks in with her little dress and bows to him as she greets him and acts nervous. This is cuteness overload.  You really have to appreciate these little moments in JAV.  Another adorable moment is later while all three are playing what looks to be a Wii.  The smiles on their face really make me believe they are all having fun.  JAV has soul and you can’t tell me otherwise. Another note here always worth mentioning is the censorship here is soft blurry and has no pixels.  I think that is an important difference when you notice it.  I really want to praise the final scene, the threesome.  It doesn’t hold back and is especially passionate.  


4. ABP-265  Outrageous reverse pickup by Airi Suzumura that escalates to the max

Normally I skip these magic mirror-type releases.  I don’t know why amateurs off the street don’t interest me, but they don’t.  However, there are some exceptions.  For example, DVDPS-821.  I am well aware of my obvious bias since I am gaga over this chick.  I want to speak about on particular moment in the beginning part of the title.  What’s a top ten list without lesbian action?  Normally you mostly see men being brought in, but not here.  Cute girls (but not as cute as Airi) are brought somewhere that looks like a trailer or van.  Airi holds up a piece of plastic wrap and they kiss.  Extremely sexy and I could watch it all day. 

With another girl, they place a bana between a woman’s legs and Airi goes down on her.  The following scene is a lesbian scene on a bed.  It just includes a vibrator wand.  I was very disappointed by how vanilla it was (more on this later).  I also recommend two other scenes as well.  Great blowjobs and cock riding in the Prestige aisle of a video store!  Finally, a schoolgirl getting it on in a crowded bus role play.  Those are always crowd pleasers in my opinion, how can you go wrong?


3.  ABW-013 Don’t make a sound

Outside of specific fetishes (latex for example), challenges in JAV are my favorite.  Situations where actresses are acting their best.  Airi is seen in a variety of situations where they pretend to have to be quiet as to not get caught.  It’s like watching a drama just with “hold the moan.”  Some very unique moments are when Airi is hiding and giving blowjobs under a bathtub cover while the other woman is around.  I personally find this retracting cover freaking hilarious.  They continue to sneak around while the woman is in the house here and there.  This is just good JAV, good fun. 

The other moment is something that I haven’t seen before.  Airi is a schoolgirl and is hiding with the lucky guy in a locker in the back of the class.  This POV view really takes the sneaking to a new level!  You even see others studying through the slats in the background.  Afterward, she sneaks out and sits at a desk.  She turns back and looks at you in the locker.  Dangerously sexy.  My only complaint is that this was released in 2020.  I wish she would have done this schoolgirl scene in her prime.  


2.  ABW-118 The incomparable Suzumura, Nonstop 10p orgy & ultimate 1 on 1 sex (a special vid commemorating her 100th appearance)

Just read that title!  What an accomplishment, congratulations to Airi.  There is only one reason this made the list.  Those who may know some of my writings won’t be surprised.  It’s the nurse outfit.  This style is famous, I see it everywhere.  I searched and searched for this outfit in JAV and I got lucky.  This outfit is super shiny, super glossy.  It’s like a lingerie bondage PVC Vinyl masterpiece.  We are talking metal zippers and metal straps, it’s a great look.  Airi puts on the outfit and what follows is fantastic group sex.  Airi gets it and gets it with an entire room of lucky men.  Airi moans and moans and the outfit makes it almost the entire time.  I was so thankful to find this title.  I couldn’t believe it was Airi Suzumura! 


1.  ABP-237 Brothel tower, sexual full course 3-Hour special

Every second of this title is pure bliss.  Just look at Airi in this outfit.  Who is she fooling with that adorable little hat?  Pink is definitely her color.  Again, I suggest watching every moment here, which includes the cutscenes.  Airi could not be more perfect for this role.  In a somehow fitting way, this top ten list just happens to end as it began.  Obviously, number one on the list is very similar to this.  These gentle loving and caring titles accentuate Airi’s talent and physical perfection in my opinion.  However, they are not the same.  Consider this the hardcore version of ABP-016.  Many years ago when I first saw this title I was surprised and ultimately impressed by something I had never seen before. 

During one scene Airi is giving a blowjob to a lucky man while he watches AV!  How he can last more than two seconds here is a miracle I think.  She slurps away loudly and her eyebrows are inverted to make the cutest expression of the feature.  This title was released in 2015 and I personally believe is her best look.  This is her peak performance as she is in her prime in my eyes here.  Besides this scene, you get some lingerie that is top tier (I won’t spoil the surprise), sex toys, bondage, more costumes and that’s just a start.  I think this belongs in any JAV fan’s collection.



Airi Suzumura is fucking hot.  I kept myself from saying that fifty times in this entry, but here it is.  As always I am disappointed when there seems to be a lack of lesbian and solo masturbation.  On the plus side, Airi is a fan of giving rimjobs!   Look no further than ABP-237 for example.  When I look at her face and body, I wonder why she is doing JAV.  I also make an exception for Airi when it comes to shorter haircuts like her cute and adorable bob.  It really fits.  Again, I prefer her earlier work, but I look forward to seeing more of her in 2022.  Thank you Airi Suzumura.  Thank you all.

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