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CJOD-307 Suite Room For Slutting It Up, Super Sadist Hot Sisters Call Me To A Hotel And Tie Me Up!

by Aika Schmitz
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Hello JAV fans!  I’m a simple man, I see Kurea Hasumi, I click.  But I do pass up a lot of her releases.  I mostly go for the unique ones that stand out to me.  This one I had to watch right away. 

I have to be honest, I don’t know as much about Minami Hatsukawa and Mitsuki Nagisa.  Mitsuki Nagisa is so unbelievably fucking cute, it’s not even funny.  Wow, when I just discovered her I just stared at her face for a while. 

So basically, I went solely by the cover on this one.  I dove right in, as I am a huge bondage fan of course.



Simple, there is none.  Some lucky guy gets the treatment by three insanely sexy kinky women.  That’s it, it’s completely Gonzo.  Nothing wrong with that.



The sex itself is off the charts.  This lucky guy gets to do everything.  Lots of toys are different acts take place.  They all take turns doing a number of things.  He gets a healthy fucking and sucking, it’s a very aggressive threesome.  These women are not shy, they are professionals and they make everything look so easy and extremely fun. 


Quality and Content:

There’s some unique elements and moments here.  For example he is jerked off with a sleeve, spanked with a paddle, and even whips make an appearance.  The bondage arm spreader is nice touch.


Overall Satisfaction:

Well, sadly here is where I will rant about my disappointment.  The lighting and setting is top notch.  The women and sexy beautiful and fun.  But this is not a fucking bondage film.  This is a fun foursome in my opinion.  It’s like the studio or these JAV models wanted to make a light film of this nature just for fun.  To experiment and just have girly fun with.  

This to me was just a normal foursome release title, the only fucking difference was the outfits.  The outfits were the same stuff you always see for decades too.  Nothing new or necessary special.  I was disappointed that was only outfit that was shiny glossy PVC Vinyl.  The other outfits were fake leotard looking leather matte crap.  

It was a normal JAV release but they wore some costumes.  It was like a bondage starter kit of those JAV fans that are slightly bored with just naked in a room.  It was so boring in terms of bondage, it was almost cute.  Sometimes I actually thought it was quite adorable how bad they were.  What I mean, is actual bondage stuff.  I have noticed this in a lot of JAV bondage releases.  The cover is misleading, the dominatrix outfit is on point.  But mostly just the actress getting fucked.  Now I personally conflicted here.  I get more turned on my dominatrix latex, PVC Vinyl outfits than dominatrix action if that makes sense.  So in that sense, just having beautiful JAV actresses dress up and get fucked should one of my favorite things.  And it is.  But at the same time.  If a studio releases a bondage, I want to see some hardcore kinky stuff.  I can’t stress enough that this was felt disappointed like a bondage dress up photo shoot.  Nipple clamps for example aren’t that impressive in my opinion. 

Now, it this was a lesbian release, I would would be a fan in a heart beat.  Instead of seeing the guy bondaged up bar for example, I would have loved to see Mitsuki Nagisa or Kurea Hasumi as the one tied up.  I would love to be this guy in the release, I am just saying. 

I think the biggest sin, was it was just a disappointment.  Watch this if you want to see plenty of good sex, but in a bondage sense, it was just girls almost giggling and looking like they don’t know what the hell they are doing.


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