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FANZA opens YouTube channel “FANZA HOUSE”! The first broadcast will be from 18:00 on March 20th! !!

by Aika Schmitz
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YouTube start

A dream mansion somewhere in Tokyo. Its name is FANZA HOUSE. AV actresses who appear in FANZA works will send out various contents on the stage of this “woman’s garden”. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom! ?? Until now, FANZA’s official YouTube channel brings new charms to actresses in every corner of FANZA HOUSE.

Main performers
Aika Yamagishi / Yura Kano / Mayuki Ito / Yuki Takeuchi / Nana Yagi / Anna Kami / Rikka Ono / Nozomi Ishihara / Reina Taozono

Video release day / time
Every week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 18:00
* The first time will be released from 18:00 on Sunday, March 20th.
* From the week of June 1st (Wednesday) = Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 18:00

FANZA YouTube debut

Reaction of this topic

I was waiting

FANZA, I am always indebted to you.

Too much fun

Junbioke, I’m waiting for you …

I have to register

House! !!

As an uncle who loves variety, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of variety he wants to do (* ´ω ` *)
FANZA / Popular works (sale)

The finest 5-star soapland served by Saika Kawakita
Kyushu No.1 Body Rookie Gravure Yamate Ria Ai Life's First Iki!First experience 3 production special
Premium exclusive decision

I’m looking forward to the entanglement of actresses beyond the exclusive frame (´ ・ ω ・ `)


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