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Former Gravure Idol Kazue Fukiishi “disappeared” after marrying.

by Aika Schmitz
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Kazue Fukiishi “disappeared” after marrying Masaharu Fukuyama From The TV Industry as well as Gravure Scene.

After being married to Masaharu Fukuyama in 2015, Kazue Fukiishi, who is said to have disappeared, has been rarely seen on TV . “FRIDAY” (Kodansha) May 29, 2020 issue reports the current state of Fukiishi.

According to the article, Fukiishi was walking around the city with a supermarket bag and a cleaning bag in his arms and a paper cup of coffee in his hand. Currently, she refuses to offer jobs such as dramas and movies because she prioritizes housework and childcare.

Looking back, Kazue Fukiishi has received extraordinary bashing from some Fukuyama fans because he married Masaharu Fukuyama. Wide show programs and work-related parties have even sent a mysterious document that states that “the two married are a lie” from a person who claims to be a lover of Masaharu Fukuyama.

In May 2016, a concierge woman invaded a home apartment in Fukuyama and Fukiishi using a duplicate key. Furthermore, in September of the same year, an accident occurred in which a female staff member was seriously injured at a concert in Fukuyama. Fans blamed these disasters for “marriage with Fukiishi” and repeated unreasonable slander such as “Sageman” and “Fukuyama should divorce and go to the shrine”. However, Fukiishi would be a victim without a doubt, such as being invaded at home. I can’t imagine how scary it was.

Fukiishi gave birth to her first child in December 2016 and returned to work about three months later. Then, some Fukuyama fans protested that they didn’t want to see Fukiishi’s appearance on TV, saying, “It is disqualified as a wife of Masha (nicknamed Fukuyama) to work with children”. Abusive miscellaneous words such as “wife’s work” also flew.

The reason why Fukiishi is away from the work of the media may be his own intention to “prioritize the family”, but in view of the repeated bashing to her, how hurtful and unpleasant she made that choice.


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