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JAV Career Movements: Arisa Hanyu, Yua Mikami, Saeko Matsushita, Hikari Ninomiya all stop

by Aika Schmitz
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JAV Career Movements: Arisa Hanyu, Yua Mikami, Saeko Matsushita, Hikari Ninomiya all stop

Arisa Hanyu debuted as Hinata Komine 小峰ひなた way back in 2008, and have even performed in uncensored videos.  You might remember in our recent report of her blush with the law.  Now (July 2020) she announced her planned retirement in 100 days.  Hmm this is an odd wording for expected retirement. 

The full(er) story is that she is taking a job as host of a online TV show at Fantia. And so she will concentrate on making a good show and decided to suspend her JAV career.  Now is it really necessary to announce retirement for taking on a non-JAV job offer?  Perhaps the real purpose is to exploit the gravity of retirement to promote her new show?  Well if the show is well received then indeed the 34-year-old may choose never to return to porn again.  But what if the experiment fails and she loose the show?  It’s a real possibility, and then what is she going to do?  Look for another future?  Or undo her retirement and come back? 

She stated that actually there are still many job offers coming from JAV studios, so she is not at all at the sunset of her career.  However, a job opportunity arrive to transition to a new career it’s quite understandable she make a drastic decision. 

The show’s name is “Teacher Arisa’s Daily Echi Echi High School”, which sounds like a light-hearted chit-chat and Q&A on sexual or other topics.  Her target is to enroll 1000 subscribers in 100 days.  Let’s wish her the best.



With Japan experiencing a second wave of infections, Yua Mikami announced she is suspending anuupcoming event for self protection:

During this pandemic, the Japanese government has not exactly secure everyone’s confidence.  To remind you a simplified timeline: On April 7 Tokyo and several prefectures entered a state of emergency, which finally ended for all of Japan one and a half month later.  During the state of emergency, all work, including JAV production, should be suspended.  However, quite uncharacteristic for Japanese population, a noticeable portion of the population have lost faith in the government, and judged, on their own, it’s not yet safe to return to work.  Especially considering JAV production means close bodily contact with multiple cast members and crew.  So in fact a small minority of JAV idols have actually not returned to work since the lockdown ended in late May. One of the high profile one was Nanami Matsumoto 松本菜奈実 who suspended work all the way back at end of March, more than a week before the first declaration of emergency.  Not only that, she made practically a manifesto of safe porn making, with mask and surgical gloves.  

Now since end of June, as number of new cases increases again, some idols, including the workaholic Yua Mikami, are trying to stay ahead of the curve.  Suspending work without waiting for a government decision.  But if you pay attention, Mikami seems to be working extra hard on her SNS recently. 

Hikari Ninomiya 二宮ひかり joins a number of idols to suspend work indefinitely.  Now I am no idol whisperer, but a person with familiarity in the langage and the industry said that her wordings seems a bit pessimistic.  Is there a chance Ninomiya is never going to return to JAV even after the pandemic is over?



As the August 7th releases are publicized, we once again found no titles of Saeko Matsushita. The five years veteran with massive G-cup breasts is a favorite of MILF fans and a pillar at studios including Idea Pockets and Attackers.  By August it will be three consecutive months since her last release.  After noticing some very subtle (so subtle I myself could not find it) signs of instability in her SNS, an industry insider (playno1) went and called up her agency T-Powers to get some answers. 

It turns out that Ms. Matsushita (29) had been considering retirements for some time and the agency and studios have been trying ways to persuade her to put it off.  So far they only managed to convince her not to make the retirement official.  And to any outside inquiry, the answer is either “she is a talent contracted with our agency” (if you are nobody), or “she is temporarily suspending work” (if you are somebody).  Unofficially the word is “think of her like she has retired”.  And so that’s why we won’t be getting a Retirement title, it seems agency and studios are unable to accept her retirement yet and still harboring hope of putting it off.  Which is fine and good for her.  BUT then, putting on my overthinking hat, does that mean idols who make Retirement titles are the ones that studios are not unhappy to see retired.  UGHH I can get my panty in a knot sometimes…



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