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Javblog’s Top 10 Most Disappointing Films Part 4

by Aika Schmitz
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It’s time for yet another countdown of some of the most disappointing films. We’ve all experienced disappointing videos before. You see a cover that looks like fire or maybe it features an exciting title/premise. You download it and watch it only to discover it’s a dud. For one reason or another, it doesn’t live up to expectations and leaves you feeling underwhelmed. Just to clarify most of the videos here aren’t complete trash as many of them still are watchable. But it can’t be denied that they failed to make an impact. With all that out of the way let’s kick it off with a perhaps surprise appearance from my big favorite, Hitomi.

“I Was Bullied By My TSUNDERE Female Superior And Made To Cum And Climax 10 Times By This Slut”

It pains me to put this one on here but unfortunately, it just didn’t live up to the pedigree of her previous two VR releases. The plot centers around Hitomi playing your controlling boss who loathes you and enjoys ordering you around. She proceeds to sit your face, tittyfuck you and fuck you silly. The rest of the film is basically just Hitomi milking countless loads from you one after another. This sounds amazing on paper but in practice, it leaves you feeling underwhelmed. By far one of the biggest problems I have is the overuse of fake cum. Every scene features multiple cumshots but they’re all fake. There’s not a single legit cumshot throughout the entire video. That is inexcusable.

The actual sex itself is fine but does lack a bit with position variety as cowgirl is really the only prevalent position, which does make sense given the setup but is still a little disappointing. Another issue I have is with the production values. For one her hair and makeup look rather dull in the first two scenes. Admittedly she looks way better in the final scene as her hair is darker with better makeup too. Another lackluster element is the lighting which feels really flat in the first two scenes. I do have to praise her wardrobe though as it’s spot-on with some terrific OL attire and a sexy lingerie piece. Overall it’s worth watching for the fantastic final sex scene and while there is still some nice eye candy but it ultimately falls short of its potential.

“Cherry Boy Sex! I’ll Give You The Best (first-time) Sex Of Your Life!”

I’m a big fan of this genre so I was expecting great things from this video. But sadly the film was nothing more than a forgettable dud. The plot follows Tsubasa Amami visiting fans in their homes and taking their virginity. It’s always a favorite of mine due to the nature of the theme granting the actress the ability to just act natural without adhering to a specific role. So as such a strong performance is really needed to bolster this type of film and here Tsubasa Amami is rather underwhelming for the most part. She’s not completely terrible but lacks the proper enthusiasm and engagement feeling a little too stiff overall for my liking.

Another weak aspect is the action. While it does boasts several full sex scenes none of them are particularly that great. Most just feel really lackluster as the intensity is really low but I suppose it’s a little forgivable given they’re supposed to be virgins. It does ramp up in the last scene but that’s because it’s a full-on seasoned actor instead of an amateur. But one of my biggest gripes with this is the fact that most of the cumshots end up in a condom. It’s very unsatisfying and ends the scenes in a whimper. The lighting feels rather flat too across the board. I will say that her wardrobe is quite nice at least but it’s not nearly enough to salvage this film. Definitely one of my least favorite films in this genre. A total bust all around.

“A 3-Creampie Fuck Special Featuring Deep And Rich Kisses”

What a stunning cover right? That outfit on the front is super sexy and the one on the back is super nice too. The plot for HND-836 is very minimal. As the title suggests the main overall focus is indeed on kissing, creampies, and passionate sex. Each scene does feature a somewhat unique setting and style. Some examples being a more femdom-oriented scene and a boyfriend/girlfriend theme. Now first off I’m really not a fan of this theme. My one big gripe is the pacing in that too much time is spent on foreplay and specifically, kissing. For those that enjoy that they won’t be too bothered by it but for me, it just drags and drags.

By far the worst element of this film is the production quality. For starters, this film commits a personal pet peeve I have which is ditching the cover outfit less than halfway through a scene. During the final sex scene, she indeed wears that outfit to start but before it even reaches the halfway mark she removes it. Very disappointing. However, the most egregious misstep of this film is the camerawork, specifically in the 2nd scene. It is shot exclusively with static cameras providing some really poor angles of the action. Plus the scene goes on for 50 minutes making for an awful viewing experience. She does deliver a terrific performance at least but the film is still quite dull and incredibly forgettable in the long run.

“Traveling For Work On An Overnight Bus, Kirara Asuka Tempts An Amateur With An Offer He Can’t Refuse”

S1 with an original concept? Sounds good right? Well, leave it to them to completely ruin it. The plot centers around Kirara Asuka taking a late-night bus ride and seducing random men onboard into various sex acts. Some of which include blowjobs, handjobs, and of course full-on sex. It seems like it would be a neat idea but the execution leaves A LOT to be desired. Right off the bat, the film gets off to an incredibly slow start as nothing happens until about a half-hour in. It takes all that time to just setup up the premise. Another issue with the production values is the lighting. I understand that they can’t really properly light these scenes given the premise and having to convey a sense of voyeurism but it’s so hard to see anything here.

Many times you’ll be squinting as you try to figure out what’s happening. The film boasts a runtime of over 2 and a half hours and with each scene taking place in the same exact location, it gets pretty stale after a while. It certainly doesn’t help that the action is relatively mediocre. The non-sex scenes aren’t that interesting and the sex scenes could’ve been decent but the camerawork doesn’t really provide you with any good satisfying angles. It just ends up being incredibly dull. Her performance isn’t too bad but it still doesn’t make for a compelling watch at all. It’s an interesting theme but the execution falters at nearly every angle. Props to S1 for an inventive setup but it just doesn’t work at all.

“Crazy Lewd Colossal Tits Devours Her Clients In a Reverse 3 Way Snack!”

Oh boy. I was super excited to check this one out. That cover alone is fire but just the sheer combo of Ruka Inaba and Hana Himesaki together sounded like a home run. However, it ends up being more of a foul ball. This film really doesn’t boast a central premise but instead just focuses on the pair in a variety of slutty scenarios such as working as hostess girls. It’s super simple but it gets the job done. So why was this film a letdown? Well for starters the action is pretty underwhelming. Every scene does feature the pair together working as a threesome which is indeed nice. But to be honest, only one sex scene out of the entire film actually impressed me.

The first threesome sex scene is terrific and is a major highlight. Unfortunately, that’s it as the rest are just average at best. The others consist of a blowjob, tittyfuck, and an outercourse-type scene. Even the other threesome sex scene is just okay and doesn’t reach the highs of the first one. This can be attributed to their lack of chemistry together. They barely interact at all with one another. A big disappointment there. The production values are fine but nothing more. Some of the settings are bland and the camerawork can be hit-or-miss at times. But their wardrobe is stunning at least. This film had so much potential but ultimately squandered it. Watch it for the first sex scene but that’s it. The rest is a disappointment.

“Plump Porno Stars with Colossal Tits Service You With a Smile!”

A film starring two of my favorite actresses together in Sakura Kirishima and Shiori Tsukada? Sign me up. And while I’ve never seen Aoi Kuroki before she fits right in with these two. But the execution falls way short of any potential this cast had. As you can probably guess the premise centers around these 3 actresses working at a soapland and pleasing their guests through a variety of ways, mostly including full-on sex. Now I normally loathe soapland themes but maybe this one could rise above and be something truly unique. Not a chance sadly. On the positive side, they all look quite nice and the lighting is generally solid. And some of the action at times is enjoyable. But that’s about where all the pleasantries end.

For starters, there’s barely any interaction between the cast at all. Don’t expect any groping, kissing, or even simply acknowledgment of the others between them. Such a big waste. The individual performances from them aren’t too bad at least but still a bummer overall.  Another issue is the excessive amount of soapland fluff with all the rubbing and soaping up. It drags on and on as it’s present in every scene. It’s just not compelling to watch at all. The setting variety is awful too as the same exact room gets reused for all the scenes. I understand it’s a soapland film so they can’t get too crazy but try to vary it up at least a little bit. It’s got some nice eye candy but that’s about it. Unless you’re super into soapland don’t even bother.

“Super Escort With Amazing Tits”

This was Rara Anzai’s first film back after an 8-month hiatus from the industry. So naturally, you can’t help but get your expectations up a little bit. While the cover may look amazing, the actual film is anything but. the general premise is very straightforward casting Rara as a sex worker in 5 different scenarios. Some of which include a soapland girl, hostess worker, masseuse, and even a dominatrix. The variety here is relatively solid. Now it’s not really a setup that I personally connect with but the film does a good job at mixing it up with a nice range of scenes. Unfortunately, the rest of the film leaves a lot to be desired.

First off, the production quality has a few critical flaws that utterly ruins some scenes as they feature terrible static camerawork and flashing lights that are super obnoxious. Apart from that, it’s not terrible but nothing noteworthy. The action is quite mixed featuring 5 scenes with a range of 2 sex scenes, a paizuri scene, and 2 handjob scenes. The one sex scene is ruined by the static cameras as I already mentioned while the handjob scenes are incredibly lackluster. This is partially due to her bland performance. She has a few moments where she’s not too bad but overall she lacks any real energy and falls flat. I will admit though this film is full of eye candy but it’s not enough to save it from mediocrity. Not completely horrible but still a huge letdown.

“A Convenient, Plain Jane Big Tits Girl In Glasses”

This is a genius pairing and one that on paper should be a no brainer. It certainly boasts a very enticing cover but we’ve been fooled many times before in the past. The premise centers around the pair here playing sex workers while sporting a “plain jane” type of look. The film then follows the threesome going at it and having sex in a few very minimally different locations. You’ve no doubt seen this type of plot before. It’s nothing original and doesn’t do anything in particular unique to stand out. This basic plot leads me to one of the first many issues I have here which is the bland settings. I realize that given the type of plot you can’t expect too much variety but every location feels the exact same from one another.

The other production values fair decently well with a nice array of outfits for the pair here along with solid lighting all around. This duo really does look outstanding together. Unfortunately, that’s where most of the praise ends. The sex is easily the most disappointing aspect. First off, there are no real cumshots whatsoever. It’s all fake which is extremely lame. And while each scene is ultimately a threesome, it’s not satisfying at all as the pair barely interact with each other. I’m not expecting MIRD-150 levels of interaction but give me something at least. And then there are just 2 actual sex scenes with the rest being outercourse/paizuri scenes. There are a few good parts here and there but overall it falls way short of its potential.

“Step Sister Gets A Boyfriend And Fucks Her Step-Bro As Practice!”

Kurea Hasumi had an absolute killer year in 2020 so naturally you expect to see her continue this hot streak into 2021. But honestly, 2021 was looking rather underwhelming from her. Then this film came out and it looked to be a banger. The cover is stunning and the title sounds like it’d be something Kurea would excel at. Unfortunately, though this film is just flat-out terrible. The plot is pretty much summed up by the title as Kurea uses her step-bro for sex practice for when she actually fucks her boyfriend. It’s an enticing concept but the execution is a big fail as the plot doesn’t really feel relevant at all and is barely touched upon. It just devolves into a standard run-of-the-mill vanilla theme pretty much.

But worst of all the film’s production values are awful in every way. For starters, the camerawork feels really amateurish at times. It’s not terrible but several shots will leave you scratching your head wondering what they were thinking. Another egregious issue is the setting variety as every single scene reuses the same exact room over and over. It’s downright laughable and inexcusable. But worst of all is the general lighting as it seems the editor fucked up the color management in post-production. Most of the film has a washed-out feel to it as the lighting is very dull. There’s really nothing redeeming here. Any positives this film boasts can be found in other better films that execute it much better. Easily one of her most disappointing films ever. 


“Restraint Suit Room: Beautiful Sluts Who Restrain Men And Make Them Crazy”

This is a film that I had high expectations for going into it. I love Maria Nagai and Elly Akira is too bad either. Those two in a heavy femdom-themed video should be a slam dunk but instead, it falls completely flat. It’s a pretty basic setup featuring the pair here teasing and fucking this man inside a hotel room over and over. That’s really all there is to it. I’m assuming the direction of this film is a product of the Covid pandemic given it’s shot inside a single hotel room and features just the three same performers with no crew I might add. This leads me to one of my biggest issues which is the camerawork. As I mentioned with no crew this means the film is shot entirely via static cameras.

The end result is very hit-or-miss as some angles are tolerable and others are pitiful giving you a terrible view of the action. It doesn’t help that the film as a whole feels very cheap with its repetitive setting that wears thin fast. The performances from the two aren’t great either. Not only do they barely interact together whatsoever but they feel stiff and lack enthusiasm. Lastly the action is pretty mediocre. There are a few threesome sex scenes but they’re nothing special. The rest consist of just a handjob and footjob type scene. Making matters worse is the extremely bloated pacing dragging the film out to over 3 hours. What a complete mess. Easily one of the most disappointing films I’ve seen in years. A complete misfire.

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