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Kirara Asuka Retires From JAV Industry. Will Try New Challenges

by Aika Schmitz
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Kirara Asuka says on Instagram, “I had been taking a break from the AV industry that I had been doing for about 10 years, but I decided to officially graduate this time. I was surprised at the sudden announcement. I’ve done it. “



While I was off for 2 years, I was active mainly in product production and models, but I quit the sexy actress and moved to the top-rank management of the entertainment agency from February 4, and I am active mainly in entertainment activities.  This is what my future holds right now, I believe.

“I am honestly worried about trying new things, but I will do my best. Thank you for all the support, so I thank you in advance!” She commented. Also, it seems that she is currently looking for jobs as an entertainer.



In response to this change of careers, fans continued to give relief and support. Voices of expectations for future success are heard from all over the world.

Some Comments from her fans:

“Thank you for your hard work. It’s good that you haven’t retired from the entertainment industry. I’ll continue to support Kirara Tomorrow . ” “Kitatan. Congratulations !!! Congratulations! It was (´ ,, • ω • ,, `) ♡ I decided to save money this year, so when I have the opportunity to meet Kitaita, I would like to go to love that time more importantly (⑉ •• ⑉ ) ❤︎ the future will also support all the way!”

“I think that variety is there in entertainment industry but I hope that you can work from now on a wide range of things also, Kyitan. Good luck “

“During the leave of two years , I think we came to this conclusion after considering various things. I am looking forward to the new challenge of Asuka.”


Well I hope we see more of Asuka san on Television or maybe in a new upcoming Web Series.

Thanks for reading.

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