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[Sad news]Wan Horikita, who has revived Twitter, was retired

by Aika Schmitz
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Retirement announcement on Twitter

Additional Information
Retirement announcement (10/1)

Reaction of this topic

Seriously …. I thought it was about to come, but I’m sorry (/ _;)
The released work is wonderful!Thank you for your hard work

Good evening doggy, I think there were various things, but thank you for your hard work. And thank you.

I was happy to meet you at the wish event in July and the event at Tokyo Bookstore in August.

Good luck to your dog’s future life!

Thank you for your hard work! And I look forward to working with you! !!

I’m very sorry.

Thank you for your hard work!
Oh … sorry
good job for the past 1 year.

[Good news]Wan Horikita, Twitter resumed! !!
Mr. Wan Horikita, who had been using Twitter since June 2021, was worried about his retirement, but he opened a new Twitter account. Did you leave the office (WISH PROMOTION) because you said that you couldn’t use your previous account? If so, the name may change (´ ・ ω ・ `)

Wan 001

New account
Wan 002

Horikita Wan

Wan Horikita decided to practice SEX and vaginal cum shot with her childhood friend because she was able to do it for the first time
Until the father-in-law of Kowamoto returns, she and her too cute are crazy about saliva until the morning.
If I keep the daughter of a relative who is regarded as a problem with a spear man with my house for Shitsuke, I can not stand the temptation of a small devil panchira and I am troubled Chi ● Po is a runaway piston!Horikita Wan

Good one


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