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Spicy Interview with Gravure Idol Reiko Nagaoka

by Aika Schmitz
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Reiko Reiko Nagaoka was a finalist in the Miss Flash 2016 Contest and is called the second Sakanoue Asami. She will become a “serious” actress and puts out a hair nude photobook first.

Age: 30
Height: 158 cm
Bust: 88 cm
Waist: 56 cm
Hips: 88 cm

――The next photo book is the last one, but what is the highlight?

Reiko: The two books I’ve published so far have been set in hot spring inns, so the third book was taken in Hachijojima, set in the magnificent nature. There are a lot of outdoor shots, and the contrast of the moist cut in the bed is also impressive, as opposed to the fantastic cut surrounded by nature. Oh yeah, there are also waterfalls that go naked into a large waterhole.

–When did your body become the realm of God? & Why did your fans start calling it that ?

Reiko : I’m not sure about that, but I was born in Saitama prefecture, which is known for having a lot of small breasts. The only people around me were A-cup kids, and I was so disgusted with the G-cup that I was so conspicuous. It became a complex, and it might be seen with horny eyes, it was supposed to be a story … I could not stand it just by thinking. In addition, I was a virgin until the age of 24, as I was distrusted by my father because I was in DV and went bankrupt. On the other hand, I was a nerd and a year-older, so I had sexual knowledge. That was a dilemma for me for a long time.

–You didn’t want to see it(Body) with horny eyes, but you became a idol. why?

Reiko : When I was giving up on college and had a part-time job as a father(Nanny), I was introduced by a friend to an office that was looking for a girl who could do gravure. Originally a gravure idol Because he liked it and wanted to breathe the same air. However, by the time I came to that point, I didn’t have much work during the Ice Age. When I finally got my first DVD job, I was overwhelmed. You don’t have to do that, but suddenly you do a hand bra and a vulgar T-back … It’s a virgin (laughs). I think there was a part that was deceived by the office. I couldn’t even check it before it was released, and it was a big shock as it was put on sale without being able to correct it. I have overbreathed. Then there are only two choices: die or reopen. I decided to reopen there.
In the movie “Gura-gura” released last year, she made his first appearance and starred for the first time. In the setting of a virgin gravure idol, she played a completely nude wet place. It is a reproduction of a virginity loss scene.

–You said that the lost virgin in real life was 24 years old …

Reiko :  Actually, I had appeared in a talk live just before that. The theme is “Virgin VS Yariman” (laughs). It was interesting. We verified the theme of “draw a male device(Penis) in a sketchbook” with four to four people, but we virgins draw pictures that appear in academic books. However, all the Yarimans drew pictures in a standing state. Obviously, but I see. There was also a feeling that I was jealous of being able to live by swinging that way.


–So When did you lost your virginity?

Reiko : There was a man who had a relationship for two years and thought about getting married. When I started living together, I decided to mark the calendar and feel the day like “Isn’t it bad if it’s about to come?” It’s almost like a ritual. However, in the two years I lived there, the first six contraceptives I bought were reduced by only two.

— What do you plan to do after quitting Gravure?

Reiko : I haven’t decided clearly yet, but recently I finally graduated from an acupuncture and moxibustion teacher’s school after four years, and have just taken a national exam. I wonder if I should continue with that qualification in the future.

–Why did you choose acupuncture?

Reiko : When I gave up the university entrance exam, my first choice was the Faculty of Human Sciences. I was also a manager of the soccer club, so I was interested in the human body. For example, in an urban legend, you might say that playing football shortens your legs. Why? I thought. That inquisitive spirit started to grow again. As an entertainment activity, I would like to perform talent activities in medical programs that take advantage of such knowledge, and to appear in quiz programs.


–What is the possibility of returning to gravure?

Reiko I don’t think at this stage. Basically, I’m a lolicon, so I can’t forgive myself even when I’m over 30 years old. Although I’m barely against gravity, I don’t think I’m a big fan of Lori big breasts and I’m not exposed to nakedness after becoming a mature woman.

–What about your quest for eroticism?

Reiko : Recently … I’m starting to wake up thinking that women like it too. I love being taken by Ojisama to go to cabaret clubs  and the other day I had the first experience with a boobs pub. Then, everyone was young and their skin was tingling. I was satisfied just because I thighed my thighs. This is good and fun. Oh yeah, I’ve also played SM.

–It’s good, that feels intriguing. How was it?

Reiko I was invited as a reference for the actress business, but it was not suitable for me. When I was tied up, I didn’t like it. Why do you ask the Queen what you want me to do? I wonder. There was no M-type in me at all.


–Is that related to male distrust?

Reiko: I don’t like my favorite men. Men are not good at body fluids, but if they like it, it’s okay to exchange saliva.


–A kiss?
Reiko : Haha Yes, sure.



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