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The 4 Female Complexes that JAV Lovers like.

by Aika Schmitz
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There is no one without a complex. There are some parts of our body that we don’t like. It’s natural psychology to want to hide it, but it can be a good thing for men. A chubby body is a typical example.

In this article, We will find out about four things that JAV Lovers like.


The chest is a symbol of a woman. Large breasts make you feel motherhood. There are many men who prefer “bigger”. “My girlfriend has a small breast, but she has great sensitivity. It’s fun because she reacts sensitively when touched” One guy we interviewed told us.

So it doesn’t have to be big. JAV Lovers don’t like the swaying chest, even if it’s big. What is important is shape and sensitivity rather than size.



Pubic hair and male hormones are closely related. Not necessarily erotic, but it can’t be said that there is no connection. There used to be an actress/JAV Idol who sold her armpits in the AV industry. Many JAV loving men consider hairy women sexy.

“Isn’t there a woman who shaves her body thoroughly? That’s the opposite of me. It’s more natural to be a little overgrown” – Kazuyo, 27.

3) Natural Thin Eyes.

Recently, “salt face” has become a boom among women, and because of this the plastic surgery industry in japan & korea is booming. But many men prefer women who have natural thin eyes. There are many women who emphasize their eyes with makeup, but if it becomes unnatural, it will be more attractive to men as usual.

You can make double eyelids with eye pencil, petiti etc., but maybe you don’t have to worry too much.“I like thin eyes rather than full-blown eyes. She feels like pure Japanese and it feels mellow & somehow melts my heart.” – Kazuya, 27


4) Smelling Body Odor

Body odor, cannot be improved easily. It may be unavoidable to feel a little complex because of it. But some JAV Lovers think that, if you try to cheat with perfume, it will mix odors and cause an offensive odor. If so, it is better to leave it as it is. There are different tastes, but many JAV loving men have odory fetishes, so there are sure to be people who like them.

“I like female odors. I don’t like cosmetic odors, but body odors. It doesn’t matter if they smell. Because it’s individuality.” – Kazuya, 27.


The part that feels the complex can actually be a weapon. If you try to hide it, your personality will become introverted, so if you put it in the front and behave brightly, you may find that you like it more.

Thanks for reading.

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