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The quality of the convenience store clerk-style costumes made by the AV maker “ROCKET” is amazing.

by Aika Schmitz
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Planning AV maker “ROCKET” from Twitter

Rocket Production Department Room 001


Rocket Production Department Room 002

Rocket Production Department Room 003
Rocket Production Department Room 004
Rocket Production Department Room 005
Rocket Production Department Room 006

Reaction of this topic

When I finish it, I feel like I’m used to it!

Don’t just say a great word

It’s full-scale (´∀ `)

It’s love 😭

It’s too amazing … It’s already a designer! ️
I’m looking forward to the work ((o (.> Ω)

ROCKET / Gender Swap Series

Tsukino Luna's Men's and Women's Swap Youth Edition
TSF sento Hot water for men and women
Gender replacement time card

The design sense is good and there seems to be such a convenience store
It’s about 5 days to make, but it’s too amazing (´ ・ ω ・ `)
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