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The Secrets of the unknown “personally Produced JAV” revealed.

by Aika Schmitz
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The Secrets of the unknown “personally Produced JAV” revealed, by a personal photographer & videographer in this exclusive interview.

The genre called “individual shooting (personal shooting)” is rapidly gaining presence in Amateur JAV. Unlike the conventional adult video (AV) produced mainly by corporate organizations, it is a movie produced by one or several people, and it is earned only by online distribution instead of packaging it on a DVD etc.

This time, we interviewed Mr. A (male, 50s), who has been taking “individual shots” as a side job for more than 5 years. Mr. A shoots himself as an actor and shoots, then edits, mosaics, and distributes. It is an “old stock” in this industry, where he communicates with other companies in the industry and has given its know-how to young people who want to enter the market.

――First of all, how do you recruit women to appear in “Portrait shooting”?

“In my case, I am mainly on Twitter. I wrote” I’m looking for models to appear in the video “in my account, and set the details of the appearance condition to” Fixed Tweet “so that it is always posted. Then you will get a message via Twitter and Twitter.

About six or seven years ago when I started, I used an internet bulletin board that was set up to connect the women who appeared and the photographer, in addition to social media such as Twitter. When the woman wrote “Additional” and “With options” in the post, it was often possible to kiss or do more sexual activity.

There are a wide range of age groups for the women who perform, from the age of 20 to the age of 60. In my case, I doesn’t accept women under 20. While capturing new women, I am also shooting a familiar model woman. I shoot about twice a month. I have always had an unsatisfactory feeling as a work for conventional AV. I also had a strong desire to send some kind of work that only I could create.

――How do you check the age of a model to see if she is a minor?

“I have a woman take a photo with a driver’s license and a student ID card with a face photo in hand. It is a work called Nengaku (age verification).  Women’s professions really fall apart. In some cases, students, housewives, office workers, and even former AV actresses. What they have in common is that, in addition to the immediate need for money, they also have a strong desire for approval. Many people in their 40s or older are in distress. Women can earn money in a sex shop if they are in their 20s or 30s, but it will be difficult if they are in their 40s.


–What is the market price of rewards for women?

“For women in their mid-twenties, the amount of money presented by women is usually 50,60,000 yen. The sales that can be expected to deliver the work are compared with the shooting conditions of the woman, and the reward for the woman is However, since I shoot people of various ages and conditions, the rewards can vary widely.

For example, in terms of conditions, all my images have mosaics on the genitals, but whether or not to mosaic the female face depends on the person’s intentions. Obviously, the lack of face mosaics (Blurred) is better for viewers and the sales can be expected, so the reward for women is higher.


――What kind of format do you actually shoot?

“I use the service time of a love hotel in Tokyo for filming. I meet a woman at the station and head to the hotel immediately. The shooting conditions and rewards are decided in advance, so I will go straight to the hotel.

Restraint time will be about 3 or 4 hours. When you enter the room, you will confirm the NG action in shooting while receiving the sign of the performance agreement and the Nenkaku that I mentioned earlier.

Since entering the hotel room, the camera has been rotating since the stage of Nenaku. I think the total amount of footage to shoot will be a few hours.

The only equipment I use is my video camera. When I started taking individual shots, I bought a high-end commercial model for over 100,000 yen. I don’t bring in any lighting because it’s a baggage, so I shoot everything in natural light. ”


――What is the flow up to video distribution?

“First, I edit the footage that I took for about 2 hours. After that, I apply mosaic on a computer. Even if the genitals, the woman’s face if desired, the hotel name taken are reflected in the mosaic. I will handle it.

Mosaicing is the most difficult task. It takes more than 5 times longer to process a 2-hour video. In my case, I work 1-2 hours a day and it takes about 2 weeks. It’s a fairly modest task, and many of your peers are having trouble. Of course you can outsource it, but that is not profitable, so I do it myself.

The completed video will be posted on the video site “FC2 Content Market”. It’s very easy to get online. There are other video sites such as “XCREAM” and “Gcolle”, but 80% of the current income is distributed by “FC2”. In my case FC2 will pay 70% of the sales. Higher returns than other sites. Moreover, FC2 will be the main battlefield because it is easy to upload works.


――How much does the product sell? How much will the sales be?

“In my case, there is a mosaic, so I can’t afford that much price”. Normally, I sell a 2-hour video for a few hundred yen to 1000 yen. However, this 2-hour video is 20-30 There are various tastes of buyers, such as men who like bathing scenes and men who want to see only the entanglement quickly.

This income will cover the cost of shooting. At least cost and profit. Of course, it’s a production stance that I’d be happy if I could make a profit. ”


――Why does Mr. A continue to take individual shots?

I continue to take individual shots because I like the shoots themselves and it’s fun to present them as a work. It may not be understood by women’s human rights groups, but for me it’s a self-expression. So many shoots Wants to improve the condition of people crossing a dangerous bridge.

I am applying a mosaic in accordance with the standards based on the IPPA (Intellectual Property Promotion Association) -related screening groups composed of AV makers. This is because we believe that the risk of detection is the lowest. Other photographers have given it a thin mosaic, the so-called “thin moza”, and much less uncensored. ”


――What kind of trouble do you have?

In early February, a man in his 30s was arrested for posting an uncensored video on the site. What kind of trouble do you have in the world of “single shooting?

There was a Twitter post about the man that was a” dangerous photographer “about a few weeks before he was arrested. A post with his own photo in a gown.” It was said that there was, but the video was uncensored, and the content such as “I can not pay the shooting price” was written.

I don’t know if there are many troubles with individual shooting, but I sometimes hear complaints and complaints from model girls. For example, troubles with the shooting fee. The photographer who said, “I have no money on hand and I will drop the money” and “I will transfer the model price” will run without giving the money. There are also cases where they said that they would apply mosaics to their faces and genitals, but they did not. I also heard that some promised to wear a condom, but they didn’t do it. ”

――The arrested man is reported to have sold 35 million yen in uncensored video distribution.

“Uncensored videos are, of course, illegally caught in Japan. It seems that the younger generation is trying to make money in a short period of time, and it seems that they are doing uncensored uncensored. If this situation continues. The individual shooting is subject to the police’s detection.I want the individual shooting that I like to do to be recognized by the world to some extent, saying, “There are people with such hobbies.” I don’t want to be a nuisance to the police. ”


――I hear that “individual shooting” has momentum. What do you think is the reason for this?

“When I was shooting, I needed a certain amount of equipment, but I think it’s big that one iPhone is enough now. In the case of a video camera, the data is large, so before editing You need to make the data smaller on your PC, but you don’t need it on the iPhone. The image quality is not enough to watch on a TV, but it is enough for watching on a smartphone. You can even edit and mosaic.If the screen is small and difficult to work, adding an iPad is enough.

5G will be in full swing, and the number of new photographers will not decrease. That is why we should create an organization like a voluntary organization. If you register for a group, you will know the photographer’s address and contact information. It should be possible to give attention to not only the bad photographer, but in some cases to the girl who wants to be a model.”


The issue of compelling AV appearances has been less disturbing for a while, but it is our recognition that it continues to spread to individual shooting. Women should carefully judge whether or not to shoot a sexual act.


Thanks for reading.

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