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Which JAV Star Gives The Best Paizuri?

by Aika Schmitz
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Long have I wondered this question and long have I put off answering the question. It always seemed like a daunting thing to determine, all the amount of work that would go into figuring it out. At one point I ended up with a list of 16 actress and intentions to rate a ton of different scenes from each of them. At some point it dawned on me though: I realized most of the actresses I was going to rate just didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually winning. I spent time looking for actresses to include rather than the obvious: that I already knew who the best were and it was just a matter of crowning a champion from that small list. JavBlog’s done an excellent job with his series but I’m cutting straight to the chase since I pretty much already knew where it was headed. With that said, let’s jump into the contestants.

You’ll notice that I only have three contestants, that’s because these are the three I’ve long since thought were the best at it. I’ve seen a lot of paizuri content and I’ve known for some time now that these were just head and shoulders above the rest. One of the great things about this set of contestants is that all three of them are among my all-time top 10 favourites, so hopefully that helps mitigate some bias there might otherwise be. I was ready to just review some videos and let the chips fall where they may.


Chitose Saegusa (now going by Chitose Yuki) is someone I think some people might not be super familiar with. Sporting 110cm J Cup tits, she definitely has the goods to get the job done. Chitose has always been known for her energetic performances and you can tell she’s always putting her all into it. That definitely carries over into her giving paizuri, where her fantastic expressions and insane energy make it something truly special.


Hitomi is someone who needs no introduction. She’s been known for her massive tits for so long and I think she kind of has to be part of any discussion about paizuri (not that she isn’t fantastic and doesn’t deserve to be here). Especially for someone like Hitomi who has been doing JAV for over a decade now and so often has videos purely centered around her huge tits, she’s really got the experience under her belt to be very good at it.


Kaho Shibuya is someone who, for those that know, is really a sight to see. I think a lot of fans of Hitomi naturally became huge fans of Kaho for the exact same reasons: slim with massive tits (which for reference, are 93cm K Cup). Like Hitomi, Kaho has really put her tits to good use over the years and she’s really shown us what all you can really do with such a wonderful pair. Fans know that with Kaho, you’re getting a truly unique experience.

I know you want to just see the results but it’s my job as the writer to be a jerk and make you wait. So, we’re going to briefly go over how I went about rating videos. As much as I usually don’t rate content with a strict rubric, sometimes it does make sense to do so, and this is one such case. The real benefit of it is that it allows me to remove as much subjectivity as I can. I can come up with clear guidelines of what each metric is and how to rate it, so the actual score I give is largely out of my hands (or at least as much as I can manage).


This goes over how good of a job they did acting. Were they upbeat and smiling or where they unenthusiastic and dull? Did their expressiveness meet what the video expected of them? The videos I looked at were all from a perspective of the actress enjoying herself, so I would expect them to always be upbeat and vibrant.


This goes over how well the content is sequenced. Are they giving us enough time with each technique they use? Do they switch between going at it furiously and more slowly? When they swap techniques, are they doing it in a seamless way or just because they feel compelled to do so?

Between Tits

This is the simplest of the metrics, did they manage to keep the cock in between their tits while giving paizuri. I always find it super disheartening to see paizuri turn into basically a handjob as they mess it up so bad. I especially hate it when they put their hand around half of the cock, it’s so much better in between their tits.


Technique, for me, was a factor of how many different ways they would give paizuri during scenes. Did they just do a standard up and down motion or did they change it up? Maybe rubbing the cock on their nipples, slapping their tits against it, or giving a blowzuri (which as JavBlog put it, is a blowjob + paizuri at the same time). I like to see something a little different, especially if the video mixes it up nicely. Also, like JavBlog, I agreed that too many techniques in one scene can be disruptive. You can see some of the different techniques I looked for above.

Video Selection

In addition to the scoring I tried to take an approach where I wasn’t just curating the best possible content from each actress, because in reality actresses don’t always perform at their top level. As a result, I randomly selected some videos in addition to those I selected myself. Half of the content was hand-picked and the other half was randomly selected across their career. I did make sure to include at least one paizuri special video for each of the actresses.

Unfortunately for Chitose someone has to come in third. Third place here really isn’t that bad of a job considering she’s, in my opinion, still the third best out of everyone in the field. Also, the difference between first and third was only two points, which was actually very close. I really had no idea who the winner was going to be until I talied the final score, which made it even more fun for me to do.

What has always stood out to me with Chitose is how energetic and enthusiastic she is as a performer. I’ve always enjoyed watching her have sex because she’s always got a smile on her face and is paying attention to what’s going on, rather than just some general submissive expression and moaning. Seeing her bring that infectious attitude to paizuri makes it that much more enjoyable and she stood as a clear winner in the expression column. The others often got too engrossed in what they were doing to remember that they’re supposed to be enjoying themselves, but not Chitose. She’s always got a huge smile on her face, sticking her tongue out, looking like she’s right in her elements. I must admit, it’s so much easier to enjoy content when you know they’re doing something they love.

Where I think Chitose struggled, and ultimately what caused her to come third, actually lied with her energetic personality. You see, not everything needs to be full throttle the entire time but Chitose can’t help it. She’s always going all out the entire time and it prevents her from giving some really sensual paizuri. I like it when an actress mixes up their flow, from fast and furious to slow and sensual, and that just doesn’t happen with her, at least not as often as it ought to. It’s not only that, Chitose always going a mile a minute means she can be a bit careless at times. She tends to “mix up” the speed by simply letting the cock fall out from between her tits, which in my opinion isn’t the best strategy. I find it makes it look a little sloppy and there are definitely better ways to switch things up.


I think a lot of people thought Hitomi was going to win. I mean, how could Hitomi lose a competition relating to her tits? Isn’t Hitomi all tits? Even with Hitomi being my favourite actress, I try to be as objective as I can, and simply put: Hitomi is great but not the best.

Hitomi’s best quality is definitely how good her flow is. She’s really great at mixing things up, going from slow and sensual up to fast and furious. She also manages to do it effortlessly, never having these awkward transitions as she switches between either of those modes, or even any of the techniques she brings to the table.

Where I think Hitomi struggles is that she doesn’t often do all that much. She absolutely is someone who thinks big tits are enough to make it look good and so a lot of the time the content can be quite lacking. Even from video to video you basically never see her trying anything new, it’s always the same sort of standard stuff and blowzuri. 


It was a hard-fought battle but our champion is none other than Kaho Shibuya! Coming into this I really had no idea who would be the champion and it was really fun seeing how good each of them were at everything and which things made the biggest difference.

Even though Kaho was the champion she isn’t perfect. To me, Kaho’s worst quality when giving paizuri is definitely her expressions. I think anyone who has watched her in general, whether in a paizuri scene or not, already knows this. While she’s perfectly capable of being very bubbly when she tries, she often looks a little uncomfortable as though she’s really not enjoying herself. It’s a shame because her bubbly personality is really great to see, but alas not everything can be perfect. You can really see the difference when you contrast good and bad expressions beside each other.

At the end of the day, what made Kaho win is just how good her technique is. A lot of women seem to think that you can just stick a cock between (or just up against) their tits and call it a day, but Kaho really goes the extra mile. There’s always so much variation from her quite unlike what anyone else is capable of, and it really makes her paizuri look like one of a kind. She was really head and shoulders above the crowd in that regard and I always knew that if she won, it would be because of this. 


With that we’ve crowned our champion for best paizuri. I’m really glad I finally got around to doing this because it’s a question I’ve wondered myself for some time. As a reminder, even though I did crown a champion, these three are the actresses, I think, are flat out the best three in the industry. I really wouldn’t blame anyone for coming to a different conclusion than I did.

I don’t really intend to turn this into a series like JavBlog has done (and I’ll let him continue doing a fine job), it’s just so much work to do it for so many actresses (and there are a ton of great ones to do it for). Let me know if you have any thoughts about who you think is the best or if you agreed with my choices. Until next time!

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